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This information about privacy principles (Privacy Notice) contains methods adopted by CRIF Services Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Kraków at 38 Lublańska Str., 31-476 Kraków, incorporated in the Trade Register of the National Court Registry maintained by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, 11th Economic Department of the National Court Registry under number KRS 0000156341, VAT Reg. Number: 5272400006, Polish Business Statistical Number (REGON): 015294671, share capital: 50.000,00 PLN, hereinafter called CRIF, for the purpose of managing its website: and processing personal data of its users. It refers to information collected by CRIF on persons visiting its website, users registered on the website as well as users of services provided by CRIF.
CRIF is the administrator of personal data collected by CRIF in connection with the use of the website;, which hosting and administration is handled by CRIF.

General information
CRIF is a member of CRIF Group and deals with, inter alia, the supply of risk management solutions based on CSP. CRIF has a team of several experienced engineers and data analysts. Owing to the above, CRIF offers a full assortment of advanced products and solutions related to optimization of the process of making the lending decisions.
This policy specifies the purpose for which the personal data are used as well as the details regarding the use of cookies files and similar technologies (such as beacons) in order to enable the user to effectively search our website. Moreover, this document sets forth details such as the information protection methods used by us. Those protection practices and methods shall cover everyone having any contact with our website, including customers, guests visiting the website or recipients of e-mail messages sent automatically by our website.

The purpose of data processing
The user may, on his own, create and register his account on our website. Personal details provided to create and register the account on our website as well as data collected by us in order to enable the user to use our website shall be processed and utilized exclusively for the following purposes:
1. Registration and certification
2. Contact with our company in order to subscribe our services and/or supply of services provided by the aforementioned website, if necessary
3. E-mail or phone contact with users and customers for marketing purposes (also by our partners)
4. Hosting and infrastructure facilities
5. Behaviour targeting
6. Analysis and behaviour statistics regarding the users of our website
The supply of personal data is voluntary, however, refusal to provide such data may render it impossible to perform services or only partial performance of services indicated in subparagraphs 1-3 above.

The use of cookies files by CRIF
In order to obtain detailed information on what “cookies” are (small text files which are stored on a user’s computer by the server of the website), what they do and which cookies files are actually used by us, please read our Cookies Files Policy.
Methods of data processing
Data shall be processed appropriately and according to the law in order to ensure data security and confidentiality. Personal data shall be processed using electronic devices or other systems of the highest possible computerized type.

Types of data processing
IT systems as well as software procedures used to manage this website acquire personal data in the course of its normal operation. Transfer of such data is included in the use of Internet Protocols. The aforementioned information is not collected to correlate them with identified persons but due to their nature may facilitate user identification in the course of processing and associating with data stored by third parties. The type of collected data includes IP addresses, names of users’ computer domains used to connect with this website, addresses of resources in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) standard, the time of filing an inquiry about resources, the method used to send inquiry to the server and other parameters connected with the user’s operating system and the computing environment.
Voluntary transfer of data to indicated addresses using an inquiry form provided on the website means that the user’s personal details shall be collected in order to give an answer.

Providing access to information
CRIF takes this opportunity to inform that it shall not disclose users’ personal data to other individuals or entities, unless a prior express consent had been granted by such user or the company acts on his behalf and/or at his request or on request of authorized state authorities for the purpose of conducted proceedings.

Law compliant processing
Any information processed by CRIF in relation with the present website shall be processed in accordance with the requirements of the act of 29 August, 1997 on Personal Data Protection, uniform text in the Journal of Law 2016.922. Persons whose data are processed have the right to view the content of such personal information along with the right to verify and amend personal information. The use of such right is exercised through contacting CRIF representative at
CRIF informs that at their disposal are the means that ensure adequate processing of personal details, and their IT system guarantees the high level of security of processed personal data, as determined in the regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April, 2004 on documenting the processed personal data and the technical and organizational conditions to be met by IT systems and devices used to process personal data (Journal of Law No. 100, item 1024) and that they apply measures, both technical and organizational, aimed at protection of data, referred to in art. 36-39 of the act of 29 August, 1997 on Personal Data Protection, uniform text in the Journal of Law 2016.922.

Links to other/external websites
Our website may contain links which allow an easy access to other websites that may interest you. Using any such links for the purpose of leaving our website, one has to pay attention to the fact that CRIF exercises no control over other websites. For this reason we assume no liability for protection and confidentiality of information provided by you during visiting such websites that are not covered by our privacy policy. CRIF shall not be liable for any such websites. You are advised to exercise caution while providing personal information on Internet and to read the privacy principles regarding the specific website.
In view of ensuring the maximum of security, we check on a day-to-day basis and implement new technologies. CRIF assumes no liability for the content or privacy practices applied by other websites to which links have been placed on CRIF website.

Changes to our Privacy Notice
This Privacy Notice may be amended or modified from time to time by posting the updated version of the Privacy Notice on the CRIF website prior to introducing any material changes.

In case of any queries regarding the present Privacy Notice please contact us at